The Ultimate Organizing Bundle

The Ultimate Organizing Bundle

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Get started with our strategic 3-step organizing process today:

1. Create a solid foundation for organization in your home with the Creating Seamless Home Systems Workshop.

2. Then clear your clutter quickly with our Declutter Your House in a Weekend guide.

3. Finally, create smart organizing systems for each space in your home with our signature organizing course, The Organized Home Method.


Creating Seamless Home Systems Workshop (normally $17)

🌟 A defined framework for identifying weaknesses in your current systems, streamlining the system to make it easier, and creating a smarter system that can best meet the needs of your household

🌟 How to let go of chores and routines that aren't serving you to free up time and eliminate stress

🌟 How to apply the "decide once" philosophy to create a quick and easy meal planning system

🌟 How to pinpoint the ideal laundry routine for your household based on your laundry personality type

🌟 A customizable cleaning routine that you can actually stick to, giving you a tidier home where you love to spend time

Declutter Your House in a Weekend (normally $14)

🌟 The best way to manage your time to complete as much decluttering as possible

🌟 A proven, systematic process for decluttering each room

🌟 How to declutter sentimental items that are hard to part with

🌟 What to do with an extremely cluttered space that is overwhelming and will take a lot of time to deal with

🌟 What to do with items that you don't really use but are worried that you will need someday

The Organized Home Method (normally $97)

🌟 Remove the guesswork and the overwhelm from organizing projects by following a proven step-by-step system that works over and over again.

🌟 Create smart systems for organizing the items in your house so you can find exactly what you need when you need it and don't have to spend hours searching.

🌟 Make the absolute most of the space and the storage pieces you already have without having to spend lots of money or make tons of trips to the store.

🌟 Develop effective habits that weave organizing naturally into your day so it feels like less work and will keep your spaces organized for the long haul.

🌟 Create an uncluttered home where you and your family love to spend time, providing a calm, welcoming backdrop for years of special memories!

Follow our proven process for creating an organized home you love! Grab The Ultimate Organizing Bundle, and let's do this! 💕

Creating Seamless Home Systems Workshop:

💗 A 30-minute easy-to-follow workshop that provides strategic, actionable strategies for creating smart systems in your home

💗 Companion printables for the workshop to help you implement the strategies you learn ASAP

Declutter Your House in a Weekend Guide:

💗 Quick, thorough decluttering guide that explains the Declutter Your House in a Weekend method in detail

💗 Companion printables to help you make your organizing plan, organize your thoughts, and stay on track

💗 A proven method that thousands of people have used to get rid of excess clutter in their homes so they can enjoy a peaceful, calm space that they love!

The Organized Home Method Course:

💗 A self-paced class in our easy-to-use course platform so you can access the information whenever it fits your schedule.

💗 Short, digestible video lessons to walk you through the key concepts that will help keep your home organized long-term.

💗 A workbook (in both written and audio format) for each organizing project that dives deep into proven strategies for that specific space.

💗 Printable worksheets for each module to help you organize your thoughts and your project.

💗 BONUS #1: Private podcast feed. Listen to the video and workbook recordings in the car, at the gym, while you cook dinner or fold laundry, and more! ($97 value)

💗 BONUS #2: One year of email support. One email per week for 52 weeks to drip out course material and bonus content in small, quick-to-consume batches so you can get important organizing wins even when life gets busy. ($147 value)

💗 BONUS #3: Organizing schedules for each project. Know exactly which steps to complete each day, based on your goals and desired timeline. ($47 value)

💗 BONUS #4: Pretty printable labels in various sizes and colors. Put the perfect finishing touch on your organizing project! ($27 value)

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