Debt Snowball Spreadsheet and Debt Payoff Schedule for Google Sheets
Debt Snowball Spreadsheet for Google Sheets in a Blue and Green Color Scheme
Debt Snowball Spreadsheet with beautiful charts and graphs that calculates a debt payoff schedule automatically
Debt Snowball Spreadsheet for paying off debt
Simple setup for a Debt Snowball Spreadsheet that allows you to track up to 30 debts
Debt Payoff Schedule, part of the Debt Snowball Spreadsheet for Google Sheets. Automatically calculates projected debt payoff dates. You can watch your payoff speed up as your snowball increases!
Debt Payoff Dashboard, part of the Debt Snowball Spreadsheets for Google Sheets. Track your payoff progress for both individual debts and total debt. Watch your debt decrease as you stay consistent with monthly debt payments.
What's included in the Debt Snowball Spreadsheet for Google Sheets

Debt Snowball Spreadsheet for Google Sheets

Debt Snowball Spreadsheet for Google Sheets

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Paying off debt can feel confusing and overwhelming. It's hard to know what to pay first, how much to put toward each debt, and when we will finally have all of our debts paid off.

The Debt Snowball Spreadsheet takes the information you input about each of your debts and formulates a plan to help you pay them off efficiently.

Starting at the debt with the smallest balance and working up toward the largest one, the debt snowball method provides quick wins and helps you gain more and more momentum with every debt you pay off!

The Debt Snowball Spreadsheet applies the debt snowball method to your specific debts and creates a payment schedule to show you exactly how much to pay on each debt every month.


🌟 The Debt Snowball Spreadsheet helps you track up to 30 debts on one beautiful, straightforward dashboard, providing a clear, easy-to-read overview of the money you've paid off.

🌟 Enter your debt information on a simple setup chart, and watch the spreadsheet automatically calculate all of your future payments!

🌟 The debt payoff schedule tab shows how much should be paid toward each debt every month. There is space to adjust your contribution if you want to increase or decrease the amount you're paying on your debt in a particular month.

🌟 We've included two cute color schemes with the Debt Snowball Spreadsheet-- pink/purple and blue/green-- so you can choose the one that best fits your mood or preferences.

🌟 Beautiful charts and graphs help to show you your progress and motivate you to pay down your debt even faster.

🌟 This spreadsheet is designed to be used in Google Sheets with your free Google account and can be used on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Managing your money has never been more fun! Snag your simple spreadsheet and get ready to take control of your finances for good. 💕 

(Not sure what the "debt snowball method" is? This blog post can help!)


This spreadsheet is for informational purposes only and does not constitute personalized financial advice.

💗 PDF instruction page showing you how to copy the spreadsheet to your own Google account

💗 Video walkthrough tutorial demonstrating how to use the spreadsheet

💗 A clearly laid out debt payment schedule in Google Sheets where you can track your money applied toward each individual debt, as well as your collective debt payoff amount

💗 Two cute color schemes for the Debt Snowball Spreadsheet-- pink/purple and blue/green

✨ A clear picture of your debt payoff amounts each month, so you know you'll know exactly how much money to put toward every bill

✨ More and more momentum toward debt freedom with every debt you pay off

✨ The confidence that you are tackling your debt in a smart, methodical way that will eliminate your debts from smallest to largest

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Customer Reviews

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Belle Bereznay
Super easy to use

I actually purchased for my sister who asked for help managing finances. She likes being able to see when she’ll be debt free. Highly recommend.

Love it

I have tried so many ways to 'plan' my debt repayment and this is the first time I actually feel like I can get out of debt. I can play around with numbers on the set up page and the other pages calculate it all for me.

Iris Gartrell
Great product.

This spreadsheet is simple enough, yet detailed enough to use easily. I have a few things I am trying to pay down and this will be a great help.