The Tidy Home Bundle

The Tidy Home Bundle

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Organizing our home and keeping it that way can be a real struggle. But when we have a proven strategy for ditching our clutter and a plain for maintaining our spaces, we can have those organized spaces we've been dreaming of!

We've combined our two most popular products-- our Declutter Your House in a Weekend Guide and the Cleaning and Home Maintenance Spreadsheet-- to create a powerful bundle that will help you declutter your home and keep it tidy for the long haul.


Declutter Your House in a Weekend

You'll learn...

🌟 The best way to manage your time to complete as much decluttering as possible

🌟 A proven, systematic process for decluttering each room

🌟 How to declutter sentimental items that are hard to part with

🌟 What to do with an extremely cluttered space that is overwhelming and will take a lot of time to deal with

🌟 What to do with items that you don't really use but are worried that you will need someday

Cleaning and Home Maintenance Spreadsheet

🌟 With a comprehensive interactive dashboard for tracking daily/weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual tasks, the Cleaning and Home Maintenance Spreadsheet helps manage all of the upkeep for your home in one convenient spot.

🌟 We've also included a bonus tab with task ideas broken down by recurrence so you can easily fill in your spreadsheet with the items you want to complete.

🌟 Beautiful charts and graphs help to track your progress and motivate you to keep going until you reach 100% completion!

🌟 This spreadsheet designed to be used in Google Sheets with your free Google account and can be used on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

You don't have to live with the clutter and mess forever. Our proven organizing strategies can help you clear tons of clutter from your home and maintain your systems long-term. Grab the Tidy Home Bundle, and let's do this! 💕

Declutter Your House in a Weekend:

💗 Quick, thorough decluttering guide that explains the Declutter Your House in a Weekend method in detail

💗 Companion printables to help you make your organizing plan, organize your thoughts, and stay on track

💗 A proven method that thousands of people have used to get rid of excess clutter in their homes so they can enjoy a peaceful, calm space that they love!

Cleaning and Home Maintenance Spreadsheet:

💗 PDF instruction page showing you how to copy the spreadsheet to your own Google account

💗 Video walkthrough tutorial demonstrating how to use each tab in the spreadsheet

💗 Comprehensive interactive dashboard-- includes daily/weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual tasks-- to help you plan and track all of the cleaning and home maintenance tasks you want to complete throughout the year

💗 A bonus tab with lists of suggested tasks broken down by timeframe. These lists are editable, so you can add and remove suggestions as you see fit!

Declutter Your House in a Weekend:

✨ Rooms that feel more spacious because they are devoid of clutter

✨ More enjoyment out of spending time at home without being surrounded by clutter piles or crowded by items you don't even use or like

✨ The ability to find what you need quickly and easily

✨ More time in your day because you'll spend less time searching for things

Cleaning and Home Maintenance Spreadsheet:

✨ A tidy, well-maintained home where you love to spend time

✨ Peace of mind knowing that all of your important home maintenance tasks are on a schedule and taken care of

✨ Improved consistency with your home maintenance tasks, resulting in a longer life for your appliances, decor, accessories, etc.

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Customer Reviews

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Cynthia West
Absolutely Wonderful

Abby was amazing!
For years, my daughters have been after me my house, but it was “my” organized clutter.😂 In September I became a first time new grandmother, and I thought to myself, this is it!
So, I printed out the entire packet, and Saturday morning I began MY NEW LIFE! The JOY that being organized has brought me has completely changed my life for the better! I feel I’m a better wife, mom to our 3 girls, and a better grandma, Well, I’m “DeeDee” but I’ll let her decide! Andddd, I’m now going to have another grandchild!
I definitely had to call in my oldest daughter to help me, I just got so overwhelmed. I had 3 irons, no ironing board! One of them worked but I didn’t know which one, and the don’t even iron! That, was just one of the bazillion things she helped me part with.
When I tell you THIS SAVED my life, I PROMISE you it did

Danny Levy

Awesome bundle! Thank you, Abby!