The Organizing Systems Bundle

The Organizing Systems Bundle

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We can buy as many cute bins as we want, but if we don't have smart systems in place, our home won't stay organized for long!

We've combined our two most popular Mini Motivator Workshops to create a powerful bundle that will help you create smart systems that work for your schedule, needs, preferences, and household.


Creating Seamless Home Systems Workshop

🌟 A solid framework for identifying weaknesses in our current systems, streamlining the system to make it easier, and creating a smarter system that can best meet the needs of our household

🌟 How to let go of chores and routines that aren't serving you to free up time and eliminate stress

🌟 How to apply the "decide once" philosophy to create a quick and easy meal planning system

🌟 How to pinpoint the ideal laundry routine for your household based on your laundry personality type

🌟 Proven strategies that help make cleaning a habit that fits more easily into your natural routine

Organizing Mindset Workshop

🌟 A simple, practical way to break down big organizing projects so they no longer feel overwhelming

🌟 Strategies for working on organizing projects in small, consistent increments over time, rather than feeling like we need to clear a month on our calendar to make any progress

🌟 An effective method for starting a new organizing habit so you don't forget to complete the task

🌟 The #1 habit that has helped me go from scatterbrained and messy to tidy and organized

Running your home doesn't have to feel so hard. Smart systems lighten the load and help remove the chaos, allowing your days to flow more smoothly. Grab the Organizing Systems Bundle, and let's get started! 💕

💗 Two 30-minute easy-to-follow workshops that provide strategic, actionable strategies for creating smart systems in your home and streamlining your organizing processes

💗 Companion printables for each workshop to help you implement the strategies you learn ASAP

✨ A smart system for meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking meals that meets your personal schedule, needs, and preferences

✨ A simplified process for completing the laundry that matches up with your "laundry personality type"

✨ A customizable cleaning routine that you can actually stick to, giving you a tidier home where you love to spend time

✨ The ability to create a smart system for any area of your home based on the step-by-step framework laid out in class

✨ A tidier home that runs more smoothly after applying the strategies taught in class

✨ Less overwhelm when it comes to tackling big organizing projects

✨ Consistency with working on larger organizing projects a little at a time

✨ Improved organizing habits that are incorporated seamlessly into your day

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Great Templates

This is a wide variety of well thought out templates to help one track aspects of their life. The interactive budget template, for example, reflects a great level of thought and technical knowledge to put it together so that we don’t have to. I may not use all of them immediately, but as I progress I know that they are waiting for me to organize additional aspects of my life.