The Essentials System Course

The Essentials System Course

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We all know that there are certain crucial documents and pieces of information we need to have in order, both for our own peace of mind and for the sake of our loved ones in case of emergency.

But it can be confusing, overwhelming, and downright frustrating to try to figure out exactly what paperwork we need and how long we should hold onto it.

So we put it off.

We take the risk and just hope that we’ll be lucky enough not to need those important legal documents, financial information, insurance policies, IDs, contacts, and more. 

It’s time to stop procrastinating and finally take action.


🌟 Create a single box that holds all of your most crucial information-- identification documents, financial planning, insurance policies, tax documentation, estate planning paperwork, and more-- so that you have easy access when you need it and your loved ones can find any essential information in case of emergency.

🌟 Identify and close vulnerable gaps that may exist within your future and legacy planning so you and your family can have confidence that you're prepared, no matter what may come.

🌟 Receive guidance and encouragement as you work through the program, leading to higher success and completion rates.

We don’t know what the future holds. The sooner we organize our most important documents and information, the sooner we’ll be able to rid ourselves of that constant low-level stress and worry that we aren’t prepared in these absolutely crucial areas of our life. 

You can figure out all the pieces on your own and keep procrastinating, or you can use the guidelines and templates we’re offering in The Essentials System and have your most important organizing project complete in just a few weeks! It’s a no-brainer! 💕

Please note: This is the previously recorded self-paced version of The Essentials System class. (There is no live component.) The class is set up to work on one lesson per weekday for two weeks, but students are free to work on the project whenever it fits their own schedule.

We are not legal or financial professionals. This class provides education and guidance for organizing your most important documents and information, but it does not provide personalized legal or financial advice. For those matters, please speak with your attorney, CPA, or financial advisor.

💗 3 Replays of Live Video Sessions. These sessions teach key frameworks for assembling your Essentials box and answer FAQs.

💗 10 Daily Lessons + Assignments. Each lesson includes a short video, editable templates, and a daily checklist.

💗 Bonus Interview with Estate Attorney Amy June

💗 Bonus Interview with Accountant Sarah Korhnak

💗 Students retain lifetime access to all lessons.

✨ A thorough and organized box that includes all of your most crucial information (and isn’t bogged down by clutter or unnecessary paperwork)

✨ A clear understanding of exactly what paperwork and information you need to keep, how long you need to keep it, and what you can let go

✨ Identified and closed vulnerable gaps in your future planning so that you and your loved ones will be taken care of

✨ Confidence that you and/or your family members would have easy access to any information you would need in the event of an emergency

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Customer Reviews

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Cathi Hansen

Thank you

I've tried before...

I've tried for yearsto get organized "for the great beyond" - TWICE bought NOLO's "Get It Together" (Too detailed for me to actually complete) and "In Case You Get Hit By a Bus" (good, current but it sat on my shelf). Abby and Donnie have truly broken it down to The Essentials. They have identified tools / supplies that actually work and aren't just more junk. They keep you on track with manageable tasks. Best of all, they provide real-time, personalized answers to questions that might side track your progress. And even make it a little fun! Absolutely exceeded my expectations! Our family experienced a "hit by a bus" event - it can happen to anybody. Make it easier on your loved ones but spending a couple weeks making The Essentials accessible.

John M.
Great Course!

I was online looking for garage organization ideas and found Abby's website. I hadn't heard of Abby previously, but the Essentials System Course sounded interesting and potentially beneficial so my wife and I decided to give it a shot. Boy, are we glad we did! Abby and Donnie did a wonderful job distilling a daunting, overwhelming project into 10 easy-to-complete parts, giving valuable advice along the way. While it will take us a little more time to complete our box, when we do we'll be much, much better prepared for whatever happens in the future. We highly recommend this course! Thanks so much Abby and Donnie!

Kathy Roberson
Excellent Course!

This course was very helpful in getting our documents in a safe and organized fireproof file system. It took some work to keep up but with the help of others and the steady encouragement from Abby, I was able to keep going each day. And the best part is a completed guide for my loved ones. I highly recommend this course!

Linda Schmidt
Finished! Well..., sort of!

I finally finished putting my folders into my file cabinet; all I have to do now is to fill out the forms! It has taken me a while, but I appreciate all you showed me in this course! My kids will be grateful.