Tasks Made Simple Course

Tasks Made Simple Course

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Tasks Made Simple is a short course that shows you exactly how to (easily!) manage ALL of your daily to-dos, regular tasks, AND long-term goals using a simple task management app, giving you the freedom to focus on what matters most to you!


Part 1: Getting Started with Digital Task Management

🌟 We'll lay the groundwork, establishing how a digital task management app will be most beneficial to you.

🌟 We'll also discuss the advantages you'll have when using a digital task management solution vs. pen and paper.

🌟 You'll get the theory behind our proven task management system so you can apply the same principles in your own life as well.

Part 2: Choosing Your Task Management App

🌟 We'll kick off this module by teaching you how to evaluate task management apps in order to choose the one that will work best for you.

🌟 Then we'll walk you through the features and benefits of four top-tier task managers: TickTick, ToDoist, Things, and Evernote.

🌟 We'll also point out the downsides of each app, and let you know what you may want to watch for based on your specific circumstances and priorities.

Part 3: Meaningful Productivity with Your App of Choice

🌟 At this point, you will have chosen the task management app that works best for you, so now it's time to learn to use it most effectively.

🌟 You'll learn how to determine what projects should be added to your list and see a bunch of examples of how that should look inside your task manager.

🌟 We'll teach you how to set up an effective system within the specific app you've chosen so you can make progress on all of your most important tasks and goals.

Tasks Made Simple will give you a simple road map that takes you from an overwhelming number of random to-dos, obligations, and seemingly unachievable dreams to a practical, meaningful system that aligns with the goals and priorities you have for your life.

If you’re ready to take control of your time, accomplish more in your days, organize and execute tasks from many areas of your life with ease, and focus on the things that are most important to you, Tasks Made Simple is the ultimate shortcut that will get you there. 💕

💗 A complete, proven task management strategy to help you organize your goals and responsibilities and work toward them in a strategic way

💗 Detailed video walkthroughs that help you choose the best task management app for you and step-by-step instructions for how to effectively set up your system

💗 Printable checklist and brainstorming sheets to help you stay on track and make the most of the course material

💗 BONUS #1: Audio versions of all the info-based lessons ($29 value)

💗 BONUS #2: Video Lesson: How to Use a Task Management App with Your Big Kids ($19 value)

💗 BONUS #3: Video Lesson: How to Organize Gift Giving with Your Task Management App ($19 value)

✨ Clear your mind & get organized once and for all, with all of your tasks & goals located in one place

✨ Have a system (one that works for YOU!) that helps you work through your to-dos in an effective, methodical way, especially so you don't forget the important ones!

✨ Feel accomplished as you tackle your daily to-dos while also making progress on your long-term projects

✨ Know exactly what you need to do do next (instead of feeling stuck with everything you have on your plate!)

✨ Develop a consistent habit of purposeful productivity & have more time for what matters most

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Customer Reviews

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Kayla Lyon

So great. I love how thorough Abby and Donnie are, and that they’ve done all the heavy lifting and research for me. They’ve taken the time to put lessons learned and best practices into one nice package saving me SO much time and headaches!

Nancy Bain

Now I just have to make time to do it. One thing that still bothers me that you never answered was about the selling of Evernote. Is Evernote going to stay viable or is it going away.

Hi Nancy! I actually addressed that exact question in a recent blog post. https://justagirlandherblog.com/evernote-best-tool-going-paperless/