Paperless Made Simple Class: Use Evernote to Go Paperless
Woman scanning a sheet of paper into Evernote using her smartphone to go paperless
5-star review for Paperless Made Simple, a life-changing class
How Going Paperless Works with Paperless Made Simple
5-star review for Paperless Made Simple, which helps you find your most important documents more easily
Laptop computer with secure lock for Evernote in Paperless Made Simple
5-Star Review for Paperless Made Simple, which is broken up into small and digestible lessons
Woman sitting at a desk looking at a laptop computer with Evernote for going paperless
5-star review for the Paperless Made Simple class, which creates an easy process for going paperless
Woman sitting on a couch in the living room, looking at Evernote on her phone, accessing documents for going paperless
5-star review for the Paperless Made Simple class, where you are taught exactly what you need to be successful

Paperless Made Simple Course

Paperless Made Simple Course

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That may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s true. We ditched our filing cabinet and unorganized piles of paperwork scattered throughout our house 10+ years ago, and it has been the single most important organization and productivity change we’ve made as a family.

Since that time, we’ve improved and refined our process, helped many friends and family members go paperless, and taught 1,000+ students to do the same. We can help you conquer your paper clutter and increase your peace of mind by going paperless as well.


Step 1: Capture

🌟 Learn the best mobile scanning apps and proper configuration to save time and create high quality digital documents. (No need for an expensive physical scanner!)

🌟 Adopt proper document naming conventions and file types to future-proof your digital filing cabinet.

🌟 We'll show you how to build a daily “capture” habit - you only need a couple minutes per day!

Step 2: Process

🌟 Properly use notebooks, stacks, and tags in Evernote so that you can easily find your documents.

🌟 Organize and prioritize “next action” items so that you actually complete them.

🌟 Develop a simple process for regularly adding your paper files into Evernote

Step 3: Access

🌟 Quickly search within Evernote for document titles, tags, and even text within the body of documents. (Finding the info you need is about to get SO MUCH EASIER!)

🌟 Learn the best way to utilize search options to find any document you need within seconds.

🌟 Easily access documents on the go and share your digital filing cabinet with your spouse/partner.

Step 4: Secure

🌟 Safely store account recovery codes and create a long-term plan for your digital filing cabinet.

🌟 Easily protect select documents with note-level encryption.

🌟 Create multiple secure backup layers of your digital filing cabinet.

Step 5: The Great Paper Purge

🌟 Learn why it’s necessary to build a paperless habit and understand the workflow before starting the Great Paper Purge.

🌟 Make the Great Paper Purge easy by dividing up documents into one of three simple categories.

🌟 Create the perfect Great Paper Purge schedule for your personality type!

If you are...

➡️ sick of the countless paper collections cluttering up your house

➡️ tired of losing precious time digging through filing cabinets, hanging folders, and scattered piles to try to find the documents you need

➡️ constantly feeling disorganized and you get so frustrated when you miss important deadlines, simply because your paper situation is out of control

...then Paperless Made Simple was created with you in mind.

Snag the easy-to-follow course that has helped thousands of people go paperless, and let's create a simple, impactful system that will rid your house of paper clutter and give you access to your most important information right at your fingertips. You've got this! 💕

💗 A self-paced class in our easy-to-use course platform so you can access the information whenever it fits your schedule.

💗 Short, digestible video lessons that walk students through the technology and methodology of going paperless step by step.

💗 Walkthrough of scanner app technology on both iOS and Android platforms.

💗 System for creating multiple backup layers to secure and preserve your digital filing cabinet.

💗 BONUS #1: Video Lesson: Adopting Crucial Paperless Habits ($17 value)

💗 BONUS #2: Video Lesson: Getting Your Spouse/Partner on Board with Going Paperless ($17 value)

💗 BONUS #3: Video Lesson: Tax Document Storage and Workflow ($17 value)

💗 BONUS #4: Video Lesson: Advanced Evernote Automation with Zapier ($17 value)

✨ Save TIME - no more wasting so much time looking for important information!

✨ Save SPACE + SANITY - no more piles, collections, and scatterings of paper clutter around your house!

✨ Develop a SECURE method of storing your most important documents.

✨ Get ORGANIZED with all of your documents accessible from your phone, tablet, or computer - anytime, anywhere - in just a few seconds!

✨ Enjoy easy COLLABORATION - Seamlessly share files with your spouse/partner; each of you can have access to the same account and easily access the same information.

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Customer Reviews

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Scott D. Schneider
Excellent Course

The paperless course was excellent very detailed. Not sure I could have gotten to paperless so fast without the course. I did wish I could have asked some questions along the way during the course but I am on my way to getting to paperless.