Organize with Me: Clothes Challenge

Organize with Me: Clothes Challenge

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Let's get those closets and drawers whipped into shape so we can feel more peace and calm in our homes!

When we declutter and organize our clothes...

💖 We can find the item we want to wear whenever we need it.

💖 We get out the door on time since getting dressed is quick and easy.

💖 We're more confident because we feel good in our clothes.

Half the battle with organizing our clothes is setting aside the time to complete the project

If you've had this struggle, the Organize with Me Challenge: Clothes Edition was created with you in mind!


🌟 Day 1: Making the Project Manageable

🌟 Day 2: Deciding What to Keep and What to Toss

🌟 Day 3: Folding Tips and Tricks

🌟 Day 4: Closet Organization Ideas

🌟 Day 5: Tying Up Loose Ends + Maintenance

This fun challenge will give you extra motivation to tackle one of the most major organizing trouble spots in your home! Let's organize those clothes!

Note: This is the self-study version of the challenge, so you can work through it whenever it fits your schedule. There is no live component with set dates and times.

💗 Five 20-minute videos hosted in our user-friendly course platform

💗 A manageable step-by-step method for organizing clothes, no matter what your starting point is

💗 Proven decision making frameworks for decluttering clothing, even when you have trouble letting go

💗 Ideas for where to donate or sell the items you're ready to discard

💗 Links to our favorite organizers for making our clothes neat and tidy

✨ An easy-to-follow system for tackling clothes organization

✨ A proven decision making framework to help you determine what to keep and what to toss

✨ A laundry and folding system that fits your schedule so you'll stick to it consistently

✨ Neatly organized closets and dressers that hold clothes you love and wear often

✨ A morning routine that flows more smoothly because you can always find the exact outfit you're looking for!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Evgeniya Conde
Neat Closets are Real with Abby ;)

I am so thankful I've found Abby many years ago already. She gave me such a huge help and motivation for improving my naturally chaotic mind and environment. Besides she is an amazing person, - when I needed help most at one of the most difficult moments of my life she showed up for me as a truly generous and understanding human being. I am a loyal fan and customer forewer; . I've bought several courses and MC already and I am happy with all of them. Thanks, Abby!

Jessica S
Decluttering Success!

I signed up for Abby's Clothes Challenge to help me declutter and organize my closet and drawers. I use them for more than clothes and Abby's class provided great assistance.

I appreciate how Abby lets attendees watch the videos on their timelines throughout the length of the class. This makes room for people to work how they work best--a little bit each day, a lot on a few days, or everything on one day. A fun bit about this challenge is the badges attendees can earn for completing assignments. They are a great incentive to help stay engaged during the class timeframe.

I will come back to the platform to reference the videos and class notes in the future. Thank you, Abby, for this great resource and all your help!

Melanie Almarez
Great Material for Clothes Organization!

This was an excellent workshop that really helped bring some clarity around clothes organization.

Tammy Mouton
Great class

Abby had great ideas and her daily plan really helped to not feel overwhelmed during the project. Now I actually enjoy seeing my closet the way it is. Even my husband has been impressed with the order too! Been motivated to continue declutering other rooms. Thanks for your help!