Organizing Challenge Spreadsheet for Google Sheets

Organizing Challenge Spreadsheet for Google Sheets

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Rather than a difficult, overwhelming project that you dread, make organizing fun and manageable with our Organizing Challenge Spreadsheet!

We break down 15 organizing challenges into manageable step-by-step processes so you know exactly what to do next. Just follow the challenge, and watch your home become neat and organized little by little!

Challenges range from 3 days (clear the toy clutter in only one weekend!) to 100 days (declutter just one item per day and watch your small, consistent efforts add up over time!) and cover every area of the house. 

[See the dropdown below for a full list of challenges included.]


🌟 This spreadsheet includes 15 organizing challenges broken down into manageable pieces so they're no longer overwhelming. Each challenge includes a short intro video to explain the challenge and show how to use the corresponding spreadsheet tab.

🌟 Beautiful charts and graphs help to track your progress for each challenge and motivate you to keep going until you reach 100% completion!

🌟 The Table of Contents tab allows you to filter projects by length and/or minutes per day so you can find the project that best meets your needs, time availability, and energy levels.

🌟 Document your progress in the Before and After Gallery tab by adding photos of your completed spaces. (And get an extra boost of motivation every time you look at them!)

🌟 This spreadsheet designed to be used in Google Sheets with your free Google account and can be used on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Tackling your organizing projects has never been more fun! Grab the spreadsheet, and get ready to have a tidier home (where you love to spend time!) in as little as five minutes per day. 💕


💗 PDF instruction page showing you how to copy the spreadsheet to your own Google account

💗 Short intro video for each challenge with organizing tips and instructions for using the spreadsheet

💗 15 organizing challenge tabs to help you break down your project into manageable parts and track your progress

💗 A filterable Table of Contents tab so you can find the challenge that best meets your needs and energy levels

💗 A Before & After Gallery tab where you can save your transformation pictures to boost motivation and chronicle your progress

✅ Bedroom (5 days)
✅ Clothes (21 days)
✅ Entry (5 days)
✅ Living Room (7 days)
✅ Bathroom (7 days)
✅ Dining Room (7 days)
✅ Car (7 days)
✅ Home Office (21 days)
✅ Paperwork (30 days)
✅ Kitchen (30 days)
✅ Storage Spaces (30 days)
✅ Toys (3 days)
✅ 30 Drawers in 30 Days
✅ 30-Day Decluttering Challenge
✅ 100 Items in 100 Days

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michelle Co

Great resource

Michelle Smith
Very Useful for Organizing

This spreadsheet makes organizing and decluttering fun. It’s such a thorough and complete resource with videos explaining each challenge. Definitely unique and motivating

Kathy S.
The Challenge Is Making Cleaning Up More Enjoyable

I just started the paperwork challenge, and REALLY like it. Why! it got me going through all the paper bags/boxes of papers/magazines I've just never got rid of, some mail not even opened. This challenges is different for me, because I'm not saying to myself "OK, got to start cleaning up all these papers". Hey, some of these boxes full of papers are from 5 or more years ago. Plus, may be selling the house (it's my parents) further down the line.
I like checking the days off that I have actually done something and makes me feel good. I like the visual of the round chart that shows me how much I've done. I like to see how I'm doing and that I'm making progress. I'm a world class procrastinator. I may have to do it again or add lines (if I can) of the category "sort" because I have a lot more papers downstairs. I was unable to bring all the boxes upstairs due to lack of space. I'll be adding another challenge to this one (one that maybe will take a little less time) as the paper is my biggest problem.
Thanks Abby for this. This challenge is making cleaning and organizing more enjoyable.