Habit Tracker Spreadsheet Dashboard for Google Sheets
Habits Dashboard, part of the Habit Tracker Spreadsheet. See progress for each month all in one place. Track progress for daily habits, weekly habits, and total habits for the entire year.
Monthly Tabs for the Habit Tracker Spreadsheet. Track up to 30 Daily Habits and 10 Weekly Habits. Charts show daily, weekly, and total progress. Set goals for the number of days per month you want to complete your habits.
Habit Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets with Pretty Charts that Show Your Progress and Habit Trackers for Each Month
Habit Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets
What's included in the Habit Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets

Habit Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets

Habit Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets

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I am always amazed at how a simple tool like a habit tracker can positively impact our consistency when it comes to building a new habit into our routine. 


🌟 Not only is the Habit Tracker Spreadsheet incredibly practical, but it is also beautiful and fun, with interactive charts and graphs to measure our progress and provide extra motivation.

🌟 The Habit Tracker Spreadsheet includes 13 tabs-- one for each month + a Habits Dashboard-- so we can make progress with our habits all year long.

🌟 On each monthly tracking tab, there is space to track both daily habits and weekly habits so we can improve our consistency at both intervals.

🌟 This spreadsheet is designed to be used in Google Sheets with your free Google account and can be used on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Everyone is looking for one huge trick or secret to help them reach their goals. But in reality, it's a bunch of small, consistent habits that will make the biggest difference. Snag our cute Habit Tracker Spreadsheet and watch where your new habits take you! 💕


💗 PDF instruction page showing you how to copy the spreadsheet to your own Google account

💗 Video walkthrough tutorial demonstrating how to use each tab in the spreadsheet

💗 13 interactive tabs-- one for each month + a Habits Dashboard-- to help you track both daily and weekly habits

✨ More consistent healthy habits that will increase your progress toward your biggest goals

✨ A realistic picture of how consistent you've been with working toward your goals so you can make tweaks and changes if necessary

✨ The incredible sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving the big things you set out to do!

After checkout, a digital PDF file will be delivered to your email inbox with instructions for accessing your spreadsheet. This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Colette Ward
Habit tracker

I think this is so cool. I never would have been able to do this of it weren’t for your program.

Sherry Hoyt-Cline
Budget tracker

Actually I have only watched the "how to video" and not used it yet. I purchased it for the future when I will have to take over our finances. Currently my husband is physically capable (end stage COPD); however, at some point , I will have to take over. I have dyslexia so I need lots of help when it comes to money management and I think this will be perfect. I would just have a friend check my entries to see that I didn't reverse any numbers. Thank you in advance for this tool hoping I won't need it for a long time.

Laurie Dwernychuk

I had used this to replace a paper habit tracker. With the spreadsheet, it is on my phone so I can check off things as I do them. If I go to the gym, I can tick the box at the gym. I don't build paper clutter. My only negative is not enough spaces listed so I have made 2 copies to have it all listed. (Not skilled enough to know how to add lines or if that is even possible)

Hi, Laurie! Thank you so much for your helpful review of our habit tracker spreadsheet! I wanted to make sure that everyone had enough room for all of the habits they wanted to track, so I decided to add a bigger version of the habit tracker spreadsheet based on your feedback! Purchasers will now receive the larger bonus version along with the standard habit tracker spreadsheet. Thanks again for taking the time to weigh in and help us to improve our product!

Jennifer Wright
Motivating & Fun

To be honest when I first saw the habit tracker I thought to myself, I could make one on my own. I'm glad I reconsidered, it saved me time, has thoughtful features like the progress bar and it's just visually cute. I find that by having this sheet open daily, I check in each morning with my daily habit goals. I've included some small steps towards bigger goals and having them spelled out on the tracker reminds me to actually do them! I tried a habit checklist in Trello but this is more satisfying because you can easily look back at the year and see the progress you've been making.

Annie Zerbo

Habit Tracker Spreadsheet