Brilliant Bedroom Organization Workshop

Brilliant Bedroom Organization Workshop

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We often put off organizing the bedroom because it is not a space that guests see, other spaces seem more important, and it's easy to just drop random stuff in the bedroom to be dealt with "later."

But when we have an organized space where we can relax at the end of the day, our stress levels can be lowered, we can sleep more soundly at night, and we can quickly find what we need while we're getting ready so we can get out the door on time.

There are so many incredible benefits to organizing our bedroom space!


🌟 A methodical way to tackle bedroom organization in a specific order so it's not overwhelming and you get quick wins to motivate you to keep going

🌟 How to organize your nightstand so it holds everything you need and nothing you don't (even if your nightstand doesn't have drawers!)

🌟 A strategic method for decluttering and organizing clothes so it feels more manageable and is easier to let go of items you no longer love or wear often

🌟 3 customizable routines that are essential for keeping your bedroom organized long term

🌟 The 3 "laundry personality types" and the best way to tackle laundry based on your type

We're not going to ask you to buy a bunch of new products or pieces of furniture. Brilliant Bedroom Organization helps you use what you already have to create a cozy, serene spot that you love in your home. We hope to see you in class! 💕


💗 A 30-minute easy-to-follow workshop that provides a strategic, step-by-step method for organizing your bedroom and keeping it that way long term

💗 A class note taking sheet to help you follow along, remember important points, and apply what you've learned

💗 A thorough bedroom organization checklist so you can easily follow the steps to create your tidy, peaceful space

✨ A tidy, uncluttered bedroom where you love to relax and unwind

✨ Neatly organized clothes that you love and wear often, making it easy to find exactly what you want to wear each day

✨ A solid laundry routine that fits in well with your schedule and personal preferences

✨ Helpful organizing habits that will keep your bedroom tidy well into the future

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Kathy S.
Brillient Bedroom Organization

Since I am a caretaker for my mom, my room or bed is also the sewing room since I had to move upstairs. Because of this I have very limited space. One of the first thing that was mentioned is to sort and get rid of trash. I've had a tendency to throw paper, books on the floor instead of putting/filing them away. My clothes/closet (downstairs) things just get thrown somewhere. I love Abby's suggestions between stacking/file folding of clothes and tame the clothing chaos. As for sheets and laundry, Abby gave good advice-the perfect laundry routine-I'm going to make a routine. Great course for someone who isn't very organized-like me. If I want to give up on being organized, I will go back to the video, it was very helpful for me. It encourages me.