Create Your Own Organizing Printables with Canva
Create Your Own Organizing Printables with Canva, Part 1: Printable Basics
Create Your Own Organizing Printables with Canva, Part 2: Building Your Printable
Create Your Own Organizing Printables with Canva, Part 3: Example Projects
Create Your Own Organizing Printables with Canva Bonuses - Starter Canva Templates and Font Pairing Guide
Create your own pretty organizing printables in Canva! Learn quickly and easily with this fun class.

Create Your Own Organizing Printables with Canva Course

Create Your Own Organizing Printables with Canva Course

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If you've ever been frustrated because you can't find the perfect printable to organize your thoughts, you can learn to create your own in a free, easy-to-use platform called Canva.


🌟 Learn the simple steps that go into planning out your printable so creating it on your device will be a breeze.

🌟 Select colors and fonts that coordinate well and make your printable look pretty and polished.

🌟 Learn tricks for using shapes, alignment, tables, and more to organize information in a practical and beautiful way.

🌟 Walk through four example projects step by step so you'll be building your own organizing printables in no time.

🌟 Take advantage of four bonus Canva templates that you can customize to create printables quickly and easily, without having to start from scratch.

Along with being an immensely helpful organizing tool, printables are just plain fun to create! Now you can learn to make your own with this quick, easy-to-follow class! 💕 

💗 A self-paced class in our easy-to-use course platform so you can access the information whenever it fits your schedule.

💗 Short, simple-to-follow video lessons to walk you through the key concepts of creating pretty printables.

💗 Four example projects to help you hone your newly acquired printables skills.

💗 BONUS #1: Four Canva starter templates that you can customize with your own colors and fonts. ($37 value)

💗 BONUS #2: Favorite font pairings guide, providing pretty combinations of free Canva fonts that you can use in your designs. ($12 value)

Part 1- Printable Basics
✨ Planning Your Printable
✨ Choosing Your Color Scheme
✨ Choosing Font Combinations

Part 2- Building Your Printable
✨ Building Printables with Shapes
✨ Using Tables in Your Printable
✨ Spicing Up the Header

Part 3- "Create with Me" Example Projects
✨ Creating a Grocery List
✨ Creating a Chore Chart
✨ Creating a Bill Tracker
✨ Creating a Calendar

Bonus Starter Templates
✨ Weekly Planner
✨ Daily Planner
✨ To-Do List
✨ Habit Tracker

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Jayme Herbert
Printables On My OWN!

I loved this program. Abby did a great job of breaking things down in to simple steps. I was able to speed up in areas I knew and slow down/pause when needed. Loved the examples created too :O)