Student Binder Printables

Student Binder Printables

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Each school year comes with tons of details to remember for classes, activities, friends, and more. The Student Binder helps you keep all of your important details in one place so you don't miss a thing!


🌟 Planning

🌟 Routines

🌟 Lists and Logs

🌟 Friends Info

🌟 Info for Each Class

For a full list of all printables included in the Student Binder, see the "What You'll Receive" section below.

Being organized and well prepared for classes gives you strategies and tools that will serve you in the workplace and in your personal life well into the future! Start developing those all important habits right now with the help of the Student Binder! πŸ’•

These are traditional printables, meant to be printed and filled out by hand.


πŸ’— The Student Binder includes 62 printable pages in each of the three designs, for a total of 186 printable pages all together. Pages are designed to be printed on standard 8.5" x 11" paper.

Pages include:

πŸ’— Student Binder Cover
πŸ’— Spine Designs for ½”, 1”, 1 ½”, and 2” Binders
πŸ’— Section Cover Pages for Each of the 5 Binder Sections: Planning, Routines, Lists and Logs, Friends' Info, and Info for Each Class.
πŸ’— Class Schedule Printable
πŸ’— Setting Goals Printable
πŸ’— Monthly Check-In Printable
πŸ’— This Year's Milestones Printable
πŸ’— Monthly Calendar Pages (Undated)
πŸ’— Weekly Planning Printable
πŸ’— Daily Planning Printable
πŸ’— Project Planning Printable
πŸ’— Study Plan for the Week Printable
πŸ’— Monthly Practice Schedule Printable
πŸ’— Morning Check-In Printable
πŸ’— Chore Chart
πŸ’— My Daily Routines Printable
πŸ’— Morning Routine Checklist
πŸ’— After School Routine Checklist
πŸ’— Evening Routine Checklist
πŸ’— Assignment Schedule
πŸ’— Exam Schedule
πŸ’— Reading Log Printable
πŸ’— Needed Supplies Printable
πŸ’— Password Cheat Sheet
πŸ’— Favorite Websites List
πŸ’— Inspiring Quotes Printable
πŸ’— Important Contact Information Printable
πŸ’— Friends' Contact Information Printable
πŸ’— Friends' Birthdays Printable
πŸ’— Classroom Birthdays Printable
πŸ’— Grade Tracker
πŸ’— Homework Due Printable
πŸ’— Notes Printable
πŸ’— Note Cards
πŸ’— 9 Subject Cover Pages: Math, English, Reading, Science, History, Social Studies, Language, Computer, and a Blank Cover Page to Write in Additional Subjects

✨ Clear goals and objectives for your upcoming school year using the goal setting printable

✨ Well planned schedule for studying, extra curricular activities, and social functions

✨ Solid routines for morning, afternoon, and evening

✨ All work turned in on time and total preparation for tests thanks to a bird's eye view of the exam and assignment schedules for all subjects

✨ Organized notes and study guides with the printable note cards and notes pages

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