Grocery Shopping List Printables


These Grocery Shopping List Printables can help you get organized for your next trip to the grocery store, saving you time and money! 

Note: These printables can also be purchased as part of the Deluxe Home Binder. You can view the Deluxe Home Binder listing here.

There are two styles of grocery list included: a list with space for meal planning (one and two-week versions) and a list broken down by store and then category in case you plan on visiting multiple places on your next grocery trip.

The grocery shopping list printables are designed to fit a standard 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper, and there are three different designs included. Change it up as often as you'd like-- your inventories will never be boring!

The grocery shopping list printables include 3 printable pages in each of the three designs, for a total of 9 printable pages all together.

    This is an instant digital download. Nothing will be shipped. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Just what I needed!

    My daughter is newly married and has two children and a husband. She has struggled planning meals and buying what she needs at the grocery store. She loves the weekly planner and the grocery list. I use it and love it too. Thanks Abby!

    So Great!

    These grocery shopping printables have been so helpful! As a busy mom that is always on the go this really has helped me keep my grocery lists in one place and also helped me save a ton of money! I love these!


    Started adding to my things to buy yesterday. So far I love it, very helpful! I keep it on the fridge so when I run low on something it just goes on the list. Thank you Abby!

    Love the Multiple Options

    These printables are so cute and I love that they come with three options: one week's worth of meals, two weeks, or shopping at multiple stores. Since I have different shopping needs according to the week's or month's plans, having different printables provides great value for the money. Thanks, Abby!

    ★ What Others Are Saying

    ★ What Others Are Saying

    311 reviews
    This is so cool, lovin' it

    I am loving this Reading Log Printable. Now, by recording my reading progress; I will now make myself more accountable to read further. Not just for students either. Of the three included designs, I especially love the Jewel design (superb!). Thank you again.

    In Love with these Printables

    These Tracking Income and Expenses Printables are perfect for me, and I'm sure others would (and do) feel the same way. Beautiful product. I'm In Love with these Printables; and I can't wait to try more. Thanks!

    Home binder excellent

    It has everything you need plus more

    Getting UnStuck

    I had to have 5 major surgeries in 3 years. My house suffered greatly. Your list really helped, it gave me the motivation to start tackling what hadn’t been touched for 5 years ( It took me 2 years to recover). Taking it day by day I’m seeing progress. So happy I found you and your list. You’ve been a real inspiration for me. Thank You so much. God Bless: Candy

    Best Declutter/Organize printables, project guide available!

    After completely reading through this program and the printables I am so excited to get started on my whole house declutter program! This project guide is by far the best available declutter/organization system out there!