Declutter Your House in a Weekend


Jumpstart your decluttering with my complete Declutter Your House in a Weekend program! 


  • 42 Page Decluttering Strategy Guide
  • Companion Printables to Help Organize Your Process

I think many of us love the idea of a decluttered house, but actually making it happen can be another story! Life gets busy, we feel overwhelmed by the amount of work there is to do, or maybe we just don’t know where to start.

Whatever the reason, when we keep putting off the decluttering process, our “stuff” continues to pile up more and more, causing stress and frustration.

My Declutter Your House in a Weekend method can help you follow a tried-and-true process to help you knock out a huge chunk of the decluttering process all at one time!

This short, easy-to-follow guide walks you step-by-step through a very streamlined decluttering process, helping you to clear a large amount of clutter in a small amount of time. Along the way, the guide will answer frequently asked questions like,

  • “How do I declutter sentimental items that are hard to get rid of?”
  • “What do I do with an extremely cluttered space that is overwhelming and will take a ton of time to deal with?”
  • “What do I do with items that I don’t really use but am worried that I will need someday?”
  • “How do I know the best process to use to declutter each room?”
  • “What is the best way to manage my time to complete as much decluttering as possible?”

Sometimes you just need a solid plan, a guide book to tell you exactly what to do to declutter most effectively, and that is just what you get with Declutter Your House in a Weekend.

Along with the Declutter Your House in a Weekend guide, you’ll get pretty printable sheets that will help walk you through the process and keep all of your ideas organized.

If you’re ready to experience the relief that a tidy, decluttered house can bring, be sure to snag up your decluttering guide + printables today!

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Customer Reviews

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Great Experience

Great buying experience from a great organizer and teacher!

Looking Good!

I chose to do my Grandkids toys, books and my Lego supply. Also did my desk. The Declutter Your House in a Weekend was a wonderful tool. After filling out the worksheets, I felt confident this would be completed in a timely way. Day 1 came and everything worked like clock work. Made for a much more productive weekend. Thank you!

So helpful!

I did the declutter in a weekend challenge last weekend, and Abby's guide was just what I needed to get me started, and to make the most of the limited time I have to focus on this sort of thing. The guide was so helpful in making sure I was prepared and had thought about everything in advance, so that when Saturday morning came, I was ready to dive in and really get and stay productive. I didn't make it through the whole house, but using the guide, was able to prioritize my needs and am very very happy with the results! I am planning a mini-weekend to finish the upstairs. I couldn't have made this big a dent in such a short a period of time without Abby's guide. Thank you!

Just Declutter!

It's something I knew I needed to do, but this helped give me the kick start I needed. It didn't get done in a weekend, I haven't had a single free one in over a year. BUT...I am doing what I can when the time allows and it feels great. Thanks for the tips! They make my time spent decluttering more effective.

Decluttering Made Easy

I always procrastinated about decluttering my house because I did not know where to start. With the help from Abby and her printables, I would be lost. Thank you so much for getting me started on decluttering my home.

★ What Others Are Saying

★ What Others Are Saying

184 reviews
Finally, I now have a template and plan for my Blog

Abby Thank You. I think if I never signed up for the Ultimate Bundle Package, I would have never found you and now I can hopefully find some success in my blogging after being in the dark for so long.

A Planner = Better Focus on Important Components of Blogging

I've been blogging for many years and seen a lot of planners. I would rank this one high on my list. From the first pages and on there are many helpful pages to help stay focused and organized. I especially like the goal pages at the beginning as they help to create an overall focus for what is planned out. The way your blog's ideal reader is broken down into parts really helped in figuring out who my ideal reader is. The blog maintenance pages are helpful for jotting down routine things you might forget to stay on top of down the road. And in the content section, I really like the page for posts with viral potential to help brainstorm awesome content. I like how sections keep things really organized, like a whole section dedicated to planning email marketing. I don't think I've seen that in a blog planner so nicely done. Plus, all the helpful planning pages for social media marketing! I've just started a new blog and this will definitely help a lot and help to continue growing my older blog.

Katharine @

Best study plan ever

This is literally the study plan I’ve always looked for. It is simple but I actually use it weekly.

Deluxe Blogging Binder Printables

I found it really helpful for organising everything and I ordered and liked the Teal one the best, thank you!

So helpful!

I’ve had the binder printables for 48 hours and have already started using them. Week at a glance and my daily plan are my favorites. Well worth it.